ACA Signature Award

  The Signature award is established to encourage excellence and dedication of the members of Alliance of California Artists.  The Award is granted based on acceptance into a number of shows and exhibitions, and service to the organization

  Shows and Exhibitions are produced throughout the year.  Shows fall into two categories, Open and Membership, Major and Minor, and general designations defining each type.  Open shows allow non-members of ACA over the age of 18.  Membership shows are restricted to Alliance members.  Points toward signature awards are awarded for each show in which the artist is accepted, along with prizes and awards for placement.

  The ACA Signature Award entitles the artist to add the initials "ACA" to their signature on their paintings, an honor designating the barer as an award winning artist.  You will need to earn 150 points, and an additional 20 points earned as service points.

  Use the form at this Link to track your progress towards your ACA signature Award.  Along with this form, you will need proof of your point earnings.  Proof consists of the entry portion of the tag returned to you when your artwork is accepted and awards earned for Membership shows.  Included as proof of points earned are teh letters that ACA sends out that show your art has been accepted and also any awards.  You'll need to have the Director of Exhibits, The Exhibit Coordinator or ACA President sign off on your service points earned here on the form at this Link.  You must be accepted into at least two Major Open shows, regardless of how many other points you've earned.

  Please note: points carry over from year to year, points are earned only from ACA sponsored shows.  Keeping track of service points or signature points is the responsibility of each member.

  Your application will be reviewed by the ACA Board members at their next meeting.  If approved, the application will be recorded.  Signature Awards are usually announced at the December meeting and a certificate presented.

Signature Award Poinits Log PDF
Signature Award Points Log Microsoft Office

Points may be earned by acceptance in shows as follows:

Major Membership Show:       10
Open Show:                          15
Major Open Show:                 30

Point earned during Membership shows only:

Best of Show:                       +5
First Place:                                +4
Second Place:                       +3
Third Place:                          +2
Honorable Mention                   +1