It is with deepest regret that ACA will be closing the organization.  The members that stepped forward to take the reins for the continuance of ACA have not been able to get the information needed to pull it together.   A huge Thank You goes out to Diane Breuer, Connie Claes, Karen Quijada, Deborah Pepin, and Shirley Lindgren. They all worked so hard to find a place for us to meet, create and hang our work, worked on getting the insurance that we needed, worked on getting the banking information all changed over, and all the many other things that no one knows about that needed to be done.  It was a huge effort but we just could not make it work.  Our membership has declined drastically, interest has wavered, and information needed to make all of this come together and work was not available.  There have been some very negative comments floating around about ACA, the kind of negativity that just breeds nastiness and contempt, and is totally unnecessary.  

 The original board that was in place for the last two years will take the lead and finish what they originally had intended all along, to shut ACA down.  It was an incredibly wonderful organization and I know that many of you, because of ACA, took your artwork to a totally different level.  We hope that everyone who was serious about Art, and all that they gained from belonging to an Art Organization (Non-Profit), moves on to bigger and better things.