Over the past year and a half, ACA has been going through some changes that have caused the Board of Directors to reflect on the direction our nonprofit organization has been taking. Our mission since the establishment of the organization has been to provide scholarship money for children in art at the Fresno District Fair and to provide opportunities to our members for instuction and fraternization with fellow artists as well as opportunities to display their work and participate in art shows.

In recent years, participation in the gallery and in shows has dwindled, making it financially difficult to continue as an organization. We have been in the process of reaching out, questioning, discussing, and looking at options. Recently, Diane Breuer sold her business and retired, and now we are moving out of what was once the Fresno Art Hub. Our Board has met and has decided that we will have to be on hold for a while until we determine what direction to take. We are considering not having member meetings and simply having two shows a year. This would require far less work and far less in the way of membership dues and expenses for the organization.

We would like to make one last attempt at getting member feedback regarding taking this direction. To that end, we are planning on having a last general meeting:

Marie Callender's
1781 E. Shaw (by CSUF)
September 8, 2018

Your attendance at this meeting will be your way to let us know if there is interest in continuing with our organization's purpose. If you cannot attend but would like to give your input, please do so via email to Lillian Quaschnick at lmq1450@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Lillian Quaschnick
ACA president


Board Members

·        President Lillian Quashnick

·        Vice President Julie Raymer

·        Treasurer Sharon Scott

·        Director of Exhibits Diane Breuer

·        Secretary, Janice Fortney

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